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Kelly was born and raised in the Midwest before graduating high school in Loveland Colorado.  During his senior year of high school he enlisted in the Navy and upon graduating almost immediately left for boot camp.  Kelly did one tour in the Navy as an Electronics Technician and Honor Guard Team Leader stationed in Northern California.  Kelly’s military service motivated him to a life of service.

More about Kelly

In 1993  Kelly moved to Oak Harbor Washington and almost immediately began volunteering at the Island County Sheriff’s Office as a Reserve Deputy.  Kelly was hired full-time by the Skagit County Sheriff’s Office as a Corrections Deputy and worked in the jail until coming back to Island County as a Full-Time Patrol Deputy in January of 1996 assigned to Whidbey Island.


On December 23 1999 Kelly called into service by radio and was immediately notified that his sister, a corrections officer in Kansas, had been killed in a car accident.  This event would change his life forever as she had left behind a 5-year-old daughter. Kelly adopted his sister's daughter who is now married and gave him his first grandchild last year.


Kelly excelled at the Sheriff’s Office and was quickly promoted to patrol sergeant and assigned to Camano Island where he led the other members of the Camano Island Precinct. Kelly has attended Mountain State University for Administration of Criminal Justice and has extensive training in organizational leadership.


In 2007 Mark Brown was elected as Sheriff.  Sheriff Brown appointed Kelly to serve as his Undersheriff. Kelly was the youngest appointed Undersheriff in Island County at 35 years of age.  Kelly was responsible for every aspect of leading the Island County Sheriff’s Office and its 69 employees including personnel, budgeting, policymaking, contract negotiations, HR, risk management, community outreach and so much more.  This experience gives Kelly the knowledge and skill to effectively lead the Island County Assessors Office on day 1.


In 2014 Kelly retired from law enforcement so that he could care for his children while his wife achieved her lifelong dream of becoming a paramedic for Camano Fire where she still serves.


Over the years Kelly has owned several small businesses including being part owner of a fuel station and a Subway restaurant.  In 2015 Kelly began a business that provided general contracting services and home inspections.  This experience and training give him the ability to recognize or distinguish a property's unique attributes that either add or detract from its value.  This is extremely important to uniformly identify a property's class and condition, the two most subjective areas of appraisal that affect a property's value. One requirement to become an accredited appraiser is that the candidate must have familiarity with construction principles.  Kelly meets this requirement, his opponent does not.


For the past 3+ years, Kelly has worked as a professional Real Estate Broker and has been one of his firm's top producers every year.  As a real estate professional, Kelly is constantly analyzing the real estate market and determining the true and fair market value of properties using the exact same principles and methods that are used by the Assessors Office.  Kelly has received training in numerous subjects that are directly relevant to the assessor's office.  Kelly has all of the technical skills and knowledge to assure success in his role as Assessor.  Another requirement to become an accredited appraiser is that the candidate must have at least 1000 hours of full-time work in transactions involving real estate. Kelly also meets this requirement, his opponent does not.  


“I will lead a transparent organization that never forgets whom he is elected to serve, our Community!  I will bring strong, steady, and consistent leadership to the Office of Assessor, and work hard to continually improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the Office and its staff.  I will build upon and improve community education and outreach and find ways to open lines of information and communication with our citizens to make our Assessor’s Office the best it can be and do my part to keep Island County an affordable and beautiful place to live and work.”


“I ask for your trust, faith, and confidence.”


- Kelly



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