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I believe our Founding Fathers were correct in that our government exists to serve the people and that the power of the government is given by the people it serves.  In order to prove this and accomplish this, it is absolutely critical that our government and its elected officials lead transparent organizations.  


There are specific Washington State Laws and Washington Administrative Codes that clearly define and articulate the duties and responsibilities of that Assessor's Office.  As a former law enforcement official, I realize how critically important it is to perform under the law as it is intended.  When an elected official and/or his/her constituents disagree with existing law it is their responsibility to advocate for change through the proper channels.  I pledge to comply with all laws/mandates and be a strong advocate for our community whenever we can improve our system of government.  



An informed community is a strong community.  I will build upon and create new ways to engage with our community to give them the knowledge and education they need about the Assessor's Office.  I particularly want to assure that the most vulnerable in our society are aware of and able to take advantage of exemptions to property tax that currently exist.  I want to improve the technology and tools available to our community and make them more functional and integrated with other county departments whenever possible.  


 I will bring more than 20 years of management and leadership experience to the Assessor's Office.  I will thoughtfully evaluate every aspect of the Office and find ways to continually improve.  I will bring an attitude of service to the office and I will work hard to support my staff and give them the tools, training, equipment, and support to be successful. 


Fundamental fairness and equity are critical when talking about the distribution of our tax burden.  While the Island County Assessor does not set tax rates, or collect property taxes, the basis for which those taxes are determined is the valuation of real property. It is critically important that properties are valued uniformly and fairly. Island County has so many properties that are very unique and have many unique attributes that differ from other comparable properties.  This is an enormous challenge when trying to meet the goal of 100% true and fair market value which is why it is critically important to utilize all of the available data and information including property owner input and feedback.  I am committed to fairness, equity, and assuring that our assessments are fundamentally fair and accurate. 

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